Friola, Zilio Industries head office
Zilio Industries head officeZilio Industries headquarters - outsidean automated process inside the Aquasystem plantZilio Industries new head officeFrench pilot Sylvain Guintoli, sponsored by Aquasy
Zilio Industries, Italian industry

Company Zilio Industries was born 40 years ago, few kilometers far from the cities of Padua and Venice in the heart of Italy's small and medium enterprises.
Today it is a holding company that includes 4 industrial brands of international importance.

Situated in the crossroads between Europe and the Mediterranean, on the outskirts of the Alps and the Adriatic, Zilio Industries is the main character of a new industrial age, where research, competitiveness and sustainability are the basis of its development project.

Via Sega Vecchia, 65 Località Friola
36010 Pozzoleone (Vicenza) ITALY
Tel [+39] 049 59 57 552 Fax [+39] 049 59 57 718

[email protected]

Zilio Industries is made up of 4 brands,
leader in hydro-thermo sanitary, civil and industrial fields

Technological applications for hydraulic circuits
Surge tanks and expansion vessels

Aquasystem is the most important Italian brand in the production of surge tanks and expansion vessels.

Imera is the experience in the world of surge tanks and expansion vessels.

The art of heating:
radiators and heating systems

Rondra, Swiss technology and Italian genius: it is the evolution in the world of heating.

Ar heating 2.0: the world of the radiator seen through the eyes of contemporary design.

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