Friola, Zilio Industries head office
Zilio Industries head officeZilio Industries headquarters - outsidean automated process inside the Aquasystem plantZilio Industries new head officeFrench pilot Sylvain Guintoli, sponsored by Aquasy
Made as you want: Zilio Industries knows how to tailor-make what you need,
consistently and always just in time

Zilio Industries is the perfect meeting between industrial and handmade quality of the product. Our investments are addressed both in innovative technology, the competence and also experience of human resources . The North-East area has a great entrepreneurial tradition that has been handed down to the generations of today, the skills and talent of the typical craft shops. From automation of the production lines to robotics, everything happens under the watchful monitoring of staff who is always prepared to take action in programming and customization.

In Zilio Industries, the sales procedure is performed according to high standards of planning and business organization

  1. 1 - Order

  2. 2 - Receipt and confirmation

  3. 3 - Development and engineering for the production

  4. 4 - Production

  5. 5 - Logistics

The business success of Zilio Industries is related to its ability to network between its own resources and its customers

Huge production capacity:
100% automation of production and track orders

Modern, automatic and efficient production lines, customizing of the product and its packaging, tracking of each component during its production cycle, organization and storage of the order. In Zilio Industries, everything points towards a strong technological innovation, where large production capacities go always together with strict quality control. Through a bar-coding system, we are able to check the production process of the orders: in fact you can know in every moment the working progress of all units and arrange for automatic process packaging and storage.


Orders and productive processes

  • Speed, as first

    In Zilio Industries, the scheduling of manufacturing processes is essential but the most important thing is that we can produce really fast, and that we are able to adapt to every request of our customer’s; we know how to be flexible and are very efficient.

  1. 1 - Order

    Receipt and analysis of the order

  2. 2 - Processing

    Organizing the production of the order

  3. 3 - Production

    Order production, sorting of the each single item in specialized departments

  4. 4 - Quality control

    Check of the conformity with the standards and approval of the productive elements

  5. 5 - Labeling

    Identifying each item with a traceable barcode label

  6. 6 - Packing list

    Customizing the package and automatic organization of the storage of the order

  7. 7 - Reading

    Scanning and checking of the outgoing of goods from the plant

  8. 8 - Shipping

    Organization of the loading and delivery to the customer

  • Dialogue with the customer and delivery schedule through terminal

    The sales office is able to inform the customer about the processing status of the order and advise the dispatching date

Industrial production, but handmade quality:
100% made in Italy

We often ask ourselves: what is our added value? Our real ‘know how' is all in the great Italian handcraft tradition: a tradition that has been passed down from father to son for centuries and that is actually the basis of the genius and doing business in this part of Italy. The eyes and the expert hands of our workers have leaded us to today's results, which make a difference in the eternal challenge of the search for the quality.

In Zilio Industries, the several steps are checked and supervised by highly qualified staff

Measurements and inspections are an important standard for the improvement of the quality of the product

Our ability in the customization of orders is the expression of a true artisan culture, in which innovation and tradition meet themselves every day

In Zilio Industries, the large production capacity is always backed by an efficient logistics machine

The scanning of goods through a wi-fi system allows us to know at any time the status of the production orders

In Zilio Industries, many work processes are intentionally followed through the involvement of our people instead of the machinery

We believe that the perfection of the product is always due to the eyes and expert hands

Our company is a gateway to the world:
the Sales and Marketing team of Zilio Industries and the position in new markets

Always we are ready with our passport in our pocket and the laptop in the suitcase. In Zilio Industries we plan at least 100 trips per year. Our interest is o meet our customer face to face , following i their needs in order to understand and  supply a product that respect their needs and pecularities.

Briefing time in Zilio Industries

Work table between the Sales and Marketing Managers

Simone strongly believes in the global character of Zilio Industries

Listening to the needs of the global markets,
we have been able to translate your needs into exceptional products
  • The global market

  • Listening to and developing the needs of the markets

  • Processing of the solutions

  • Engineering

  • Production

The global market consists of many countries; every country with its own language, its rituals, its rules and its regulations. In Zilio Industries we are able to meet your requirements; we seek to understand your needs and turn a problem in to a solution. It is no longer a question of distance, but a question of 40 years of experience, and a large industrial capacity.

Zilio Industries establishments are completely automated and able to produce huge volumes of tanks

Customizing and control of the pre-charge of an expansion vessel down the automatic production lines

The automated packaging of Zilio Industries products: the packing boxes are printed with the required customization

The automatic production lines are always followed by specialized staff

The entrance in one of the painting ovens in the Zilio Industries factory

One of the robots used in the processes of storage of the packaged products

The workplace of the new facility: large, bright and capacious

An automatic line for pressing vessels

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