Friola, Zilio Industries head office
Zilio Industries head officeZilio Industries headquarters - outsidean automated process inside the Aquasystem plantZilio Industries new head officeFrench pilot Sylvain Guintoli, sponsored by Aquasy
1972/2014 Zilio Industries:
Italian genius and global market
The global presidium of the markets

40 years of industrial history, 89 countries of interest, 3 watchwords: quality, research and spread.
Zilio Industries has invested a lot on its territory, by seeking and finding out the best talents in  terms of human resources, but they have also never stopped to seek new markets, to understand and get them to the aim of a stable and long-lasting position.

Light, open space and clearness
The concept of Zilio Industries dedicated to the working and production areas
in the new factory and head quarter opened in 2014

The needs of a contemporary Company are completely different than those ones of thirty years ago. Zilio Industries has conceived innovative workspaces for the new plant and head quarters. The large windows of the offices allow staff to live in contact with the landscape and the surrounding nature. The absence of walls and barriers encourage sharing, meeting and cooperation between people. The spaces of the new facility are spacious, practical and open; in such contest, the natural light plays a fundamental role.

Zilio: a family style
An Italian family

Two generations, forty years of history: the Zilio family fully embodies the Italian model family, in which the strong roots and a deep willingness to believe in their own territory, are the basis of their entrepreneurship and achievements over the years. This attachment to their land has always gone hand in hand with a continuous dialogue and openness to the rest of the world; an aspect that led Zilio Industries to be today a worldwide reality.

  1. 1972

    Imera is the first company in Italy producing surge tanks and expansion vessels

  2. 1995

    Aquasystem opened his own factory at Marchesane, in Bassano del Grappa, together with its first three employees

  3. 1996

    Aquasystem opened a new plant in San Michele, Bassano del Grappa

  4. 2003

    Zilio family bought the Swiss brand Rondra and opened a new plant in Carmignano di Brenta

  5. 2005

    Aquasystem moved its production to the plant in Carmignano di Brenta

  6. 2011

    Zilio Industries grows up: a new group that involves the 4 brands:
    Aquasystem, Imera, Rondra and Ar

  7. 2014

    Inauguration of the new plant and new headquarter in Friola

A company
of 4 international brands

Zilio Industries group is the result of two industrial reality,  who belongs to the heating and sanitary technological field. The first one is Aquasystem, a 100% Italian company, which represents a real model in the engineering construction of the surge tanks and expansion vessels. Aquasystem is even today a brand leader in the industry, and fully represents the entrepreneurship and the constructive genius of the Northern-east of the Italian industry. The second one is Rondra, a Swiss company, leader on the production of radiators and heating systems, which was acquired by the Zilio family in 1997. Rondra comes from the synergy between the Swiss precision and Italian creative genius.

  1. 1972

    Establishment of Imera, the first factory in Italy that produces surge tanks and expansion vessels

  2. 1995

    Aquasystem has been an operative brand since 1960, and it is a referred brand in the industry at international level. In 1995 Antonio Zilio inaugurated the plant of Marchesane, in Bassano del Grappa, in the Northern-east of Italy

  3. 2003

    The Zilio family acquired the Swiss Rondra, a factory leader in the production of radiators and heating systems. The production line moved to Carmignano di Brenta in the Northern-east of Italy

  4. 2011

    The birth of the brand Zilio Industries

  5. 2012

    Establishment of Ar; Zilio Industries designed and developed the world of radiators and heating systems through the design and the interior architecture codes

Business and competitiveness:
Zilio Industries as a fight in the world of speed

Zilio Industries takes up its challenge both in the business with the positioning of its brands all around the world, and in sports.  Since 2012, Zilio Industries has been the institutional sponsor of the Aprilia racing team for the Superbike World Championship, a world that runs fast, fast and global as the evolution of the international markets.

Imola 2014

The French pilot Sylvain Guintoli runs since 2013 for the Aprilia Racing Team in the Superbike world Championship. Sylvain is sponsored by Aquasystem, the historic trademark of the group Zilio Industries

  1. 2012

    Rondra Evolution is the institutional sponsor for the pilots Jakub Snurz and Maxime Berger, for the Effenbert Liberty racing – Ducati for the Superbike World Championship

  2. 2013

    Rondra Evolution is the institutional sponsor for the Aprilia Racing Team in the Superbike World Championship

  3. 2014

    Aquasystem is the institutional sponsor of the French pilot Sylvain Guintoli for the Aprilia Racing Team in the Superbike World Championship

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